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Flex Dexx Contracting Ltd. offers commercial and residential coating systems.

It is our mission to provide affordable, durable, leak-resistant and long-lasting coating services for homeowners and commercial businesses alike.


Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment

Slip-and-Fall Accidents have apparently approached epidemic proportions with costs amounting to billions of dollars each year. Among the most onerous human and financial concerns facing commercial businesses and families in the private sector today are preventable accidents - directly related to slips and falls. Global Safe Technologies Inc. has the Anti-Slip solution and are seeking to establish a Global Floor Safety Network ~ GFSN Member in your area and in areas around the world – for the exclusive sales and service of our proven, dependable products.

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Traction Enhancement

Our Traction Enhancing Formulas have been documented to meet and exceed all coefficient of friction testing,

Cleaning Formulas

We provide you with proven cleaning formulas that clean and rejuvenate the toughest of surfaces. At work or home, these are the only cleaners you will ever need.

Universal Application System

Our universal application system, developed by our specialists, has been optimized to provide the best possible results.

Floor Care Safety Program

We establish an exclusive Safety Program to reduce the risk of Slip & Fall incidents and to document the efforts to limit liability.

Providing Floor Care Safety


Global Safe Technologies Inc. considers itself world leaders in flooring safety and, in association with our GFSN Members, we are proud to partner together to provide the ultimate in Floor Care Safety.

Our primary product, the Safe Solution® Anti-Slip Treatment works by dramatically increasing the Coefficient-of-Friction of hard mineral surface flooring (e.g., ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and granite floors) and steel enamel bathtubs, to make them less slippery especially when soaking wet! Treatment with Safe Solution® permanently, microscopically, and invisibly changes the surface characteristics of these structures to produce the desired anti-slip effect.

Safe Solution® is not a surface coating. You cannot see, but you certainly

can feel the difference! There remains no unsightly alteration of your beautiful

floor or tub appearance. Safe Solution® and our Clean Step™ multipurpose

cleaner are recommended for use in and aroundthe home, in your kitchens, bathrooms, patios and pool areas, and is also ideal for commercial applications such as in hotels and restaurants… anywhere a potential slip and fall accident can occur. Safe Solution® has even been used at the bottom of swimming pools to help prevent slips on these permanently wet surfaces. No coating produces the same effect!


Q: How long does it take to apply?

Overall it will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the application and you can use your bathtub or shower immediately.

Q: Will it change the appearance of a bathtub or ceramic tile?

At first, you may notice a slight haze, which is normal. After time and with regular use, the haze will eventually fade away, the colour will remain the same.

Q: How long will it last?

Provided you do not use abrasive cleansers or cleaners that leave a film, Safe Solution® will last up to 3 years in your bathtub or shower.

Video Demonstrations

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